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Price List.

The cost of your loved ones funeral is very much down to family and the choices agreed in the planning of the funeral.


Families are in shock no matter how prepared they think they are for a sick loved ones passing or most definitely a sudden death.

We at Wellbrook Funeral Services are aware of families having budgets and would like to think that we can arrange a funeral that not only remains within budget but is a fitting and respectful farewell to the deceased.

The ethos of our company is that every family is reassured that we will endeavour to make each person comfortable in the knowledge that their wishes will be carried out to the best of our ability, with each step of the process dealt with by our experienced staff. We would also like to assure families that once we engage and communication begins, your loved one will be taken into our care and remains with us through the whole process. Each family is important to us and therefor clarity is paramount. Wellbrook funeral Services take pride in the efficiency given to arrangements and pricing. Each family will receive a copy of the agreed arrangement cost after the first meeting. 

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